Thursday, 25 September 2008

SIOUG2008 Conference in Portorož

From September 21st to 24th the Slovenian Oracle Users Group - SIOUG - annual conference was taking place in Portorož (LJPZ), Slovenia. As many already know I am working with Oracle products now for 20 years, so this event is really important for my business.
This year I was able to fly to Portorož from Divača what is only a 20 minutes flight. It was nice to have my Piper parked so close to the conference venue.
On Saturday, September 20th, a colleague from OakTable Riyaj Shamsudeen with his beautiful wife Nisha and 6 year old son Imran arrived to Ljubljana airport and they were staying in my house. On Sunday the young Imran flew with me to Portorož.
On Monday afternoon I invited some of my customer for a panorama flight over Slovenian Adriatic coast. On Tuesday , I had to fly to Ljubljana airport (LJLJ) to pick up another colleague from OakTable Carl-Jan Engel from Netherlands. During the flight back to Portorož he took a short video while we were landing. I used this video instead of the introduction in my keynote speech on Wednesday morning.
I have removed the original sound and replaced with a record from one of my solos when I was singing in octet "Oktet Hoja" years ago. I hope you will enjoy not just the picture but also the sound.


  1. Hi Joze
    Thanks very much for your hospitality and kindness. It is been a pleasure to fly with you. Imran loved being a co-pilot and it will be a fond memory for him for years to come.
    Hope to fly again with you some time in future.

    This is one of our favorite vacation and truly enjoyed every bit of it.

    Nisha / Riyaj

  2. Nisha, Riyaj and Imran
    It was so nice to have you all here in our house and country. I'm so happy to be able to contribute to your stay in Slovenia.


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