Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A Visit To Lošinj (LDLO)

On the Slovenian national holiday June 25th 2008 I used the opportunity of the free day and invited my wife to a one day swimming at Lošinj Island in Croatia.
We started early in the morning when Portorož (LJPZ) airport was still closed so I decided to fly to Trieste airport (LIPQ) to clear the customs. There is only a 17 minutes flight from Divača to LIPQ. From Trieste to Lošinj airport (LDLO) it took 57 minutes. The flight was very smooth as the weather was fine.
The runway on Lošinj is due the terrain curved like a banana so one must be very careful when landing on runway 02 . You can spot this easily on the photo which was taken during the final approach to LDLO.
LDLO is a small international airport which could be a great destination. Unfortunately, this year the management decided to unreasonably increase the landing fee so I had to pay about 50 EUR for a few hours stay at Lošinj airport. This price is much higher then on any other Croatian airport on the Adriatic cost like Dubrovnik (LDDU) or Brač (LDSB).
This year the touristic season in Croatia is not as good as it was in past and if they will proceed with such kind of "robbery" they can expect to loose many visitors in near future. My personal decision is no to fly to Lošinj any more unless I have a really strong reason to go there. And this makes me sad because Lošinj is a beautiful island with a lot of potential.
After unloading our bicycles and securing the airplane we bicycled to the nearest bay Artratore where we stayed for whole day.
On the last picture you can see my Piper covered with a white cover made from Tyvek. This cover is really a great solution not just for rain but also for hot sun. The cockpit stays cold and therefore the last thing I do before entering the cockpit is removing the cover.
Few minutes before airport closing in the afternoon we left for Portorož (LJPZ) . The flight was only 43 minutes. After clearing the customs we proceeded back to Divača.

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