Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A trip to Brač island (LDSB), Croatia

In the middle of August I decided to fly to Brač (LDSB) in Croatia for a few day stay there. I visited Brač once before, but just as a safety pilot, so this was really my first landing at LDSB. My wife was with me and we had a wonderful sightseeing flight over hundreds of islands in Adriatic sea.
I asked my wife to make a video of final approach and landing at LDSB. Unfortunately, the camera setup was wrong, so the movie resolution is not very good.
After three days we were flying back to Portorož (LJPZ) and Divača. The weather was quite windy and at the seacoast Tramontana was blowing with more than 25 knots. Brač airport is located on the top of the island at altitude of 1776 feet (541 meters) . The wind was not so heavy here but there was a lot of wind shear all over the runway. This time the camera setup was ok. After passing the end of the runway the terrain quickly goes steeply down to the see and there we experienced, as I was expecting in advance, a bumpy situation when we entered in heavy crosswind of Tramontana. In the background one can see Hvar island.

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