Wednesday, 27 May 2009

From Debrecen(LHDC) to Svidnik(LZSK) in Slovak Republic

The filed route was extremely simple: LHDC-KENIN-LZSK.

KENIN is border point between Hungary and Slovakia. The cruise altitude was 5000 feet. After crossing Slovak border we switched to Bratislava info. We were cleared direct to Svidnik and there was no traffic in the air although it was Saturday evening with a cloudless weather. I was afraid that we have lost the contact but obviously we were the only airplane on Bratislava info frequency.
Svidnik(LZSK) is a small airport with almost 1200m long asphalt runway near the border with Poland. I first intended to land at military base Prešov (LZPW). However, Robert Tupta, whose telephone number I got from Prešov tower, suggested me to land in Svidnik where they have mogas and they could also arrange sleeping in nearby Svidnik town. Unfortunately Robert was in Sanct Petersburg in Russia during our visit and therefore he asked his friends to wait us at the airport and give us a ride to Svidnik town.
Emil Sluk and his son Tomaš and some other people waited us at the airfield and we were extremely warmly welcomed. We topped the airplane with mogas and then we drove to the nearby town where we got a room in the hotel. There were two weddings going on in the hotel that Saturday’s evening and therefore we had to find a nearby restaurant for dinner. We found a small pizzeria/restaurant with excellent food and even better Slovak beer.

It was time to relax after a long journey. I sent a text message to Milena Gerova in Bulgaria that we have safely arrived to Slovakia and then I got a reply from her that it is snowing in Pamporovo. Obviously we have chosen the right time for departure from Bulgaria.

The following day was Sunday and we celebrated the holy service in the Catholic church just across the street. After having a late breakfast in the hotel we were ready for departure. Emil and Tomaš came to the hotel to give us a ride back to the airfield. Quite a strong wind was blowing in the morning from the south almost in the runway direction with a small crosswind component. After making some final preparations we took off at 10:19 local time and headed towards Polish border which was only few miles away to the north.

The Svidnik airfield is only about 2 km away from Svidnik town and I almost envied those people to have such a wonderful airfield so close to their homes.

Making a stop in Svidnik was really a good decision where we were blessed with the hospitality of people. I am really thankful them for such a nice stay.

The GPS Track of Trip to Bolgaria and Finland

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