Wednesday, 27 May 2009

From Kaunas(EYKA) to Helsinki-Malmi(EFHF) in Finland

Finally we were flying our last part towards Helsinki. The filed route was:
The requested and approved altitude was FL090. It was an easy flight with a good tail wind and it took only 2 hours 59 minutes to cross Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Baltic Sea on the way to Finland. In Estonia we got direct from SOKVA to NOKKA point which is the entry point into Malmi CTR. The only reporting points were practically the border points. While approaching to Helsinki-Malmi we encountered a pretty strong wind blowing from south-south-west. The EFHF airport was already closed and I was reporting my intentions on the frequency of Malmi tower. The runway in use was 18 and we safely landed in a pretty strong gusty wind of about 20 knots which was blowing almost in the runway direction with a small crosswind component. Immediately after landing I phoned to ATC and closed the flight plan. We secured the airplane on one free parking place and called our friend Tuomas Pystynen who came with car to the airport within 30 minutes. In the mean time we found how we can exit the apron. Tuomas proposed that we refuel the aircraft immediately and therefore we drove to the nearest gas station which was just at the airport entrance. Unfortunately my debit card was not accepted and therefore we had to go to another station. After refueling we wend to the Helsinki downtown to have a decent dinner with original Finnish fish dishes. We stayed at Tuomas’ apartment for two nights.
The following morning I called Malmi airport and informed them about my arrival. They were quite happy whit the place where I have parked.

The GPS Track of Trip to Bolgaria and Finland

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